Routine For Daily Use

Gently clear nostrils. Remove cap from the applicator and insert angled tip into nostril while holding other nostril closed. Breathe gently inwards as you squeeze the pump, releasing SINUSAVE into nasal cavity. 1 to 2 squeezes per nostril are recommended. Massage sides of nose and nostrils then clear your nostrils.

SINUSAVE is formulated for DAILY USE, morning and night FOR CONTINUOUS NASAL HYGIENE; where-as nasal sprays such as FLONASE, Afrin, Neo-Synephrine, Zycam and Dristan - all contain HCL - another drug that causes "rebound effect" which means the more you use it, the more you need to use it to get the same effect. It eventually causes addiction and little relief. These brands actually state in their packaging to stop using their product after 3 days.

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