"Yes, I felt a lasting effect. Approximately 14 hours. I hesitate to attribute that timeline definitively since I was traveling the following day after evening administration. Since I was driving through different altitudes and into a region with much more vegetation I am not used to, I may have retained longer effect had I stayed in an area where I am less allergic (yes, I am the nerdy kid that is allergic to everything, big surprise)." Jessica P.

"I think you have a solid product and I have no issue putting my name and title on a document stating so. As a confirmed sinus sufferer I feel confident sharing my personal experience with the product. My headaches are gone? I don’t know why, but "blockbuster" headache relief is awesome, I want to continue use to attribute this confidently to the product." Clarence K.

"Longer and better quality sleep without awakening frequently through the night from post nasal drip complications. The product virtually eliminated my "morning headaches" that used to last 30-45 minutes upon arising each day. Enjoyable immediate relief and refreshing feeling after use has made this product something I look forward to using." Robert D.

"I was “hooked” on Afrin for years. The more I used it the less good it did. Four days after starting to use Air Traveler I no longer use Afrin. I sleep through the night now; no morning sinus headache. I use Sinusave before, during and after my flights. Thanks for the free sample...I will buy on-line from now on or get my pharmacist to stock it. Southwest Airline crew member." Julio A.

"Paul, you are certainly welcome. After trying the two formulas, I am convinced the 'regular strength' might be the perfect formula (it is outstanding!) for daily or multi-daily use (as we discussed with showering & re-application) and the 'traveler', while a little stronger, is very effective assuming the consumer knows they might want to gently clear their nostrils." Harold L.

"Hi Paul, I personally would use the regular strength most often, however I would say with San Antonio slightly land locked over the Gulf of Mexico air currents, & weather changing from humid to dry all year round, the Traveler & Kids version will catch on for the retail crowd as allergies (cedar, mold, oak & ragweed) ebb & flow throughout the year." Sondra D.

"I am exposed to a lot of bad things in the emergency room. I am a chronic sinusitis sufferer and allergic to just about everything. For most of my life I woke at night coughing from post nasal drip. I always had a sinus headache in the morning. I have been using Sinusave since August 2017. I no longer wake at night. I sleep well and wake rested. I no longer have a sinus headache in the morning and very seldom during the day. I prefer Extra Strength and use it morning and night as part of my daily personal hygiene routine. I am a Nurse Practitioner specializing in emergency medicine." Tiffany Z.

"Love the product. I use nasal relief meds all the time and was pleasantly surprised at the relief offered by SinuSave and its pleasant aroma. Definitely a keeper." Neil L.

"I have sinus and allergies and after using this product for a few weeks I notice a huge difference with my sneezing and runny nose. I am so thankful for Paul introducing me to his product. I have recommended this to everyone I know that suffers from sinus and allergies.. Thank you so much!!!" Twarna O.


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